Britain’s largest ECG interpretation service provider

For NHS primary care

Welcome to Broomwell Healthwatch

We are an ECG interpretation service provider for medical centres in the UK. We offer healthcare professionals access to ‘consultant led’ interpretation of 12 lead ECGs, 24 hour tapes and loop event recorders. The service has successfully interpreted well over 850,000 ECGs and is now commissioned by 70+ CCGs.

Clinical Governance

(Consultant Led)

Clinical Governance standards at the centre are extremely rigorous (the “Gold Standard”) and are set by our medical advisory board of eminent consultant cardiologists, led by Dr Derek Rowlands. Staff at the Broomwell Healthwatch centre who perform the ECG interpretations are all UK practising cardiac clinicians and cardiology registrars with extensive cardiology clinical experience in coronary care units. They are selected for their outstanding ‘clinical’ ECG interpretation skills.

Bringing ECG expertise into every surgery

We know that many GPs do not see sufficient 12 Lead ECGs in their practices to be able to confidently interpret the hundreds of possible variations. As a result, many refer their patients to secondary care (or equivalent diagnostic centres) for ECG.

Broomwell Healthwatch offers medical centres another option.

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Here is why we think you will like our service


Send us a 12 lead ECG trace from your own practice for interpretation. Our ECG reporting is done by expert cardiac clinicians. Initially, they provide you with an immediate response over the phone, followed by a full written report sent to your email.



Broomwell Healthwatch provides your surgery with everything you need to do a 24 hour tape (holter) in-house. Once the tape is sent to us from your centre, our expert cardiac team will analyse the tape, write a report, and send the results back to your email within 3 working days.



The event recorder device is an ideal solution for patients that get infrequent symptoms. When a patient feels a cardiac sensation, they simply push a button which then ‘captures’ the recording. The ECG recordings are sent to us for interpretation and returned to you by email the following day.