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Event recorder

Event recorder interpretation service

The Loop Event Monitor is designed to record and ‘capture’ Arrhythmias. It is ideal for patients whose symptoms are irregular / intermittent.

The unit is worn unobtrusively and comfortably. The unit records the heart rhythm for up to a week. When a patient feels a cardiac sensation, they simply push a button which then ‘captures’ the recordings (30 seconds prior to, and 30 seconds after the press of the button).

The device can also be used as a standard event monitor by placing thumbs on the touch pads whenever patient feels a cardiac sensation. The device will then ‘records’ 30 seconds of the heart rhythm.

After ‘capturing’ (up to) 5 such events, patients return the unit to the surgery for electronic transmission to the Broomwell Cardiac Centre, where the traces are analysed and reported on, by expert cardiac clinicians, on the same day (or, immediately, in case of urgency).

Broomwell’s reports can be easily filed in all surgery electronic filing systems.

event recorder device

Simple integration with Emis Web, SystmOne, Vision and Docman

GP surgeries

Patients often complain of palpitations but the symptoms are often sporadic and not always easy to diagnose.

GPs can now provide the loop event recorder device to their patients for continual heart monitoring. The device is worn unobtrusively and allows the patient to ‘capture’ events by pressing the record button when they have symptoms.

After 5 such recordings, patients return to surgery and their ‘recordings’ are transmitted automatically to the Broomwell Healthwath cardiac centre where expert clinicians analyse the traces and report, on same day, to the GP.

The reports can be easily filed in any surgery electronic filing system.

Home monitoring

The device is also ideal for home monitoring. The device is worn unobtrusively and continually monitors the client’s heart rhythm. Whenever the client feels a cardiac sensation, they are able to press a button which then ‘captures’ the recordings (30 seconds prior to, and 30 seconds after the press of the button).

Alternatively, the device can be used as a standard event monitor by placing thumbs on the touch pads when the client feels a cardiac sensation. The device will then ‘record’ 30 seconds of then heart rhythm.

Screening companies

The device is ideal for routine screening companies and consultations. It is ideal because it is so simple to use: The patient places thumbs on the touch pads which ‘records’ their heart rhythm and transmits the recording to the Broomwell Cardiac centre for immediate expert analysis and reporting.