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“Every surgery a diagnostic centre…”

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Welcome to Broomwell Healthwatch

We are an ECG interpretation service for GP surgeries, MIUs, Walk-in centres and other medical centres in the UK. We offer healthcare professionals access to  immediate ‘consultant led’  analysis & interpretation of 12 lead ECGs, 24 hour ECGs (Holters) and Loop Event ECG Monitors. The service has already successfully interpreted well over 1,650,000 ECGs and is now commissioned by 100+ CCGs / NHS Trusts / LCNs / GP federations / etc, interpreting some 4,000 ECGs per week.

Clinical Governance

(Consultant Led)

Clinical Governance standards at the centre are extremely rigorous (the “Gold Standard”) and are set by our medical advisory board of eminent consultant cardiologists, led by Dr Derek Rowlands. Staff at the Broomwell Healthwatch centre who perform the ECG interpretations are all UK practising cardiac clinicians and cardiology registrars with extensive cardiology clinical experience in coronary care units. They are selected for their outstanding ‘clinical’ ECG interpretation skills.

Bringing ECG expertise into every surgery

We know that many GPs do not see sufficient 12 Lead ECGs in their practices to be able to confidently interpret the hundreds of possible variations. As a result, many refer their patients to secondary care (or equivalent diagnostic centres) for ECG.

Broomwell Healthwatch offers medical centres another option.

Here is why we think you will like our service


12 lead ECG is the basic diagnostic tool for cardiac conditions.  It is the most elaborate and comprehensive first line diagnostic tool for patients who indicate cardiac symptoms (>2% of the patient population).

The service enables surgeries to record and transmit 12 lead ECGs and to have them analysed and interpreted, by expert clinicians, immediately.  A quick verbal overview is given whilst surgeries are ‘on the line’ and a full written report is sent within a few minutes. 



AMBULATORY ECG  —  24 Hour tape (holter)   is  an excellent  second level diagnostic tool which is used to diagnose a specific area, namely, heart rhythm (for Arrhythmias, AF, etc), over  a 24 hour period [or, up to 7 days].    

Broomwell Healthwatch enables surgeries to provide the 24 hour tape (holter) ‘in-house’.  We provide the equipment and training as well as the expert analysis & interpretation which is done within 2-3 days [or, immediately, in case of urgency].



AMBULATORY ECG – Loop Event Monitors (DLEMs) are designed to record and ‘capture’  infrequent heart rhythm ‘events’ (Arrhythmias, AF, etc), which are not captured by 24 hour tapes. DLEMs avoid the disadvantages of simple Event Recorders [by the time patient settles down and records, the sensation / event has passed] because they record continuously, for a month.  When a patient feels a cardiac sensation, they simply push a button which then ‘captures’  30-60 seconds prior to and 30-60 seconds post any sensation / event.  The ‘captured’ recording are transmitted to the Broomwell centre for expert analysis & interpretation – which is done on the same day.