Holter monitor (24 hour tape) service

Holter (24 hour tape) monitoring service within the comfort of your own surgery

Where an ECG holter monitor (24 hour tape – which can record for up to 7 days) – is indicated, we provide the ECG Holter units as well as the interpretation services.

Surgeries lend the Holter units to patients who wear them for 24 hours (up to 7 days). When recordings are complete, patients return to surgeries and the recorded traces / data is transferred electronically to our Cardiac Clinical Centre.

At the centre, the data is (i) analysed by cardiac clinicians /cardiac-physiologists and (ii) reviewed by cardiologists.

This is the ‘Gold Standard‘ for interpretations of holter (24 hour tape) tests and the standard commonly associated with hospital services.

The recordings / traces are analysed and reported on generally within 1-2 days. Broomwell’s ECG (24 hour tape – Holter) reports easily integrate with any surgery electronic filing system (Vision / Emis / SystmOne / etc)

holter monitor (24 hour tape) device

Simple integration with Emis Web, SystmOne, Vision and Docman

Holter monitoring (24 hour tape) service within the comfort of your own surgery

The telemedical technology now enables the provision of holter(24 hour tapes) monitoring to be done with quick, efficient, economical and expert interpretation, within every surgery.

This avoids the need for referrals to the secondary sector or diagnostic centres (with the associated delays, inconvenience, buses in freezing conditions, hospital bugs, lost days at work, etc) and resulting in greatly enhanced patient experience and convenience, speedier diagnosis and significant financial savings for the PCTs / CCGs.

The service is a Win, Win, Win for everyone.

Holter service for hospitals

Broomwell’s 24-hour tape service (holter) integrates with most hospital systems. This enables hospitals to transmit traces for prompt analysis and evaluation by Broomwell’s expert clinicians, avoiding overload and delays within hospital diagnostic departments.