12 lead ECG

Immediate ECG interpretation from your own practice

Bringing 12 lead ECG expertise into every surgery

Simple integration with Emis Web, SystmOne, Vision and Docman

Immediate ECG interpretation

Practices who have their own 12 lead ECG machines transmit ECGs to the Broomwell Healthwatch Centre by email / fax.

Those who use the Broomwell (palm-size) 12 lead ECG machine can transmit recordings over the telephone, or digitally via bluetooth.

Surgeries receive an immediate verbal interpretation followed, within minutes, by a full written expert clinical analysis and interpretation / report. The reports can then be filed into all standard surgery electronic filing systems.

The Broomwell (palm-sized) ECG machine is a ‘high spec’ solid state hand held unit, which is extremely portable and easy to use.

The 12 lead ECG is transmitted either acoustically or digitally to the Broomwell Healthwatch centre, where it is displayed on screen for our expert clinicians to interpret. The quality of the ECG trace received by Broomwell Healthwatch is extremely high.

The verbal report is IMMEDIATE and a full written report is transmitted, to the practice, by email or fax (depending on the preference of the practice) within a few minutes. Broomwell’s reports are easily integrated into any surgery electronic filing system (Emis / Vision /Docman / SystmOne / etc)

12 lead ecg device digital

Digital ECG transmission

Our latest ‘hi-spec’ 12 lead ECG device enables both digital and acoustic transmission, of ECGs, to our cardiac centre.

One of the world’s smallest ECG machines. It is very small and very portable yet very powerful with a high resolution (16 bit) ECG recording technology.

In the digital mode, the ECG is transmitted automatically via Bluetooth to a mobile device, tablet or PC and from there, seamlessly, to our cardiac centre for immediate diagnosis.

Broomwell’s reports can be easily filed in any surgery electronic filing system (Emis/Vision (Docman)/SystmOne/etc).

Extensive usage and excellent feedback

The centre interprets some 4,000 ECGs per week and returned CCG questionnaires indicate excellent feedback from surgeries and patients.

The centre serves some 2,000 GP practices, medical centres, walk-in centres, out-of-hours providers, HM prisons, and MIUs throughout the country, providing all of them with access to immediate expert clinical ECG interpretation.


Clinical governance (Consultant led)

The centre handles some 4,000 ECGs per week and the standards of ‘clinical governance’ are extremely high.

Staff at the Broomwell Healthwatch centre who perform the ECG interpretation are all UK practising cardiac clinicians and cardiology registrars with extensive cardiology clinical experience in coronary care units. They are selected for their outstanding ‘clinical’ ECG interpretation skills.

The consultant cardiologists’ board set extremely high standards of ‘clinical governance’ with; entrance examinations, regular refresher courses, rigorous annual examinations, peer reviews, cardiologists’ reviews, audits etc (details available on application)


Backup facility

Broomwell Healthwatch services a significant number of CCGs, surgeries, Walk-In centres, MIUs and other medical facilities.

Broomwell operates a robust IT infrastructure, with multiple redundancy built into every system such as replication (and triplication) of computer servers, telephone system and power sources.

Additionally, Broomwell has now set up a complete off-site stand-alone ‘back up’ (disaster recovery) centre which, in an emergency, (virtually) seamlessly takes over all operations.